A Personal Contract Plan For You

Solutions is a personal contract plan (PCP) which is flexible for you and could also help to give you more car for your money.

Whether you’re wanting to drive in around in the latest model or need to change to suit your circumstances, ŠKODA Finance will be able to help. You could pay a deposit as little as one repayment and defer a proportion of the cars value until the end of the agreement helping you lower your repayments when compared to hire purchase.

Solutions is designed for you and your budget working to your preferred repayments over your agreed term which can be anything from eighteen months to three and a half years.

How does Solutions work?

Step 1 -Agree on a repayment period and estimate your annual mileage.
Step 2 – Set a deferred amount to the end of the agreement (the optional final payment) to make your repayments lower
Step 3 – Pay a deposit made up of part exchange or cash – as little as one repayment (in advance)
Step 4  – At the end of your repayment term you are then left with three choices:

  • Pay off the optional final payment so you own the car
  • Return the car to us and pay nothing more (subject to terms and conditions)
  • Part-exchange the car for a brand new ŠKODA on a new solutions contract

How will you benefit from a Solutions plan?

  • You could regularly upgrade to a higher specification ŠKODA
  • You could regularly change your car to suit your changing needs
  • You could reduce your repayments
  • You can choose to pay a smaller deposit

Hire Purchase

At ŠKODA, we’re always trying to make your life that little bit easier for you, and our hire purchase can do just that. Simply pay a 10% deposit, spread your monthly payments over 1 to 5 years and once they’re completed, your ŠKODA is all yours.

How does hire purchase work?

  • Choose the ŠKODA and the repayment period that’s right for you
  • Agree a repayment amount that suits your budget
  • Pay an initial deposit to start your agreement
  • The balance is divided equally over the term and after the final repayment you own your ŠKODA*

How will you benefit?

  • You’ll own your ŠKODA and keep within your preferred budget
  • You can choose your own repayment period – up to five years

Personal Contract Hire

If you want to run a ŠKODA without worrying about its future value or the hassle of eventually selling it, a personal contract hire agreement could be for you.

We’ll agree a plan of fixed monthly rentals lasting for one year to four years. At the end of the contract you simply hand the car back, subject to mileage and vehicle condition, and start a new agreement on a brand new ŠKODA.

You can budget ahead by adding servicing, maintenance and tyre costs to your agreement. It may even be possible for your business to recover the VAT on these elements.

We recommend that you seek independent tax advice.