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Andrew Celebrates 40 Years At Simpsons!

AA 40 years

Andrew now (left side) and when he first started (right side, second from left)

This month we are celebrating the anniversary of our Managing Director, Andrew Aldis who has been with Simpsons for the last 40 years!!

Andrew started off his journey in 1976 where he was doing work experience from Denes High School once a week at Simpsons Garage in Lowestoft.

In June of 1977 he was then taken on as an Apprentice Technician for Volkswagen. He later become a fully qualified Technician in 1981.

In March 1998 Andrew moved over to Simpsons, Great Yarmouth as a Service Manager, followed by becoming Brand Manager in March 2001.

He is now Managing Director for Simpsons Motor Group here in Great Yarmouth ans has been so for the last 10 years!!

Congratulations on your success so far!