Thursday 10 March 2016 subscribe to rss

Lawrence has haircut for charity


On Saturday 5th March 2016, one of our workshop technicians, Lawrence King braved a hair cut to raise money for St Martins Housing Trust.

Lawrence wanted to do something for the homeless at this hard time of year but also wanted the money raised to go to a local charity so he knew it would be used locally. St Martins Housing Trust provide food, shelter and accommodation in Norfolk for people who have no other residence or a place to sleep. You can find out more about St Martins Housing Trust by visiting their website here.


On the day, Lawrence was supported by family and colleagues along with Max & Cheryl (MEAM Coordinator & Community Services Manager) from St Martins Housing Trust. His dreadlocks were cut off first by our Service Advisor/temporary hairdresser Tom Chandler. With our Managing Director, Andrew Aldis stepping in to shave the remaining hair off. Lawrence was spurred on by the promise of double donations for going so short and has currently raised over £600.


Max, Andrew Aldis, Lawrence King, Tom Chandler and Cheryl

We would like to say a huge well done to Lawrence, we are very proud of him. Thank you to everyone who came to support Lawrence and for all the donations so far. It is not too late to donate…you can donate by visiting Lawrence’s Just Giving page here.