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Meet the Bray Family…


Meet the Bray family….Paul, Julie and Freddie.

The Brays bought their first car (from Simpsons) in December 1993 from Paul Woodgreaves. A red VW Polo Coupe – registration number L189 RPW – which had £600 off as seen in an advert! They currently own a ŠKODA Yeti (pictured above) and a ŠKODA Citigo. In between, they have owned 2 Polo’s, 2 Fabia’s and an Octavia, which we think qualifies them as Brand loyalists but also loyal customers to us at Simpsons. They have had their loyalty rewarded with a trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed which they described as a most enjoyable, awesome day. Paul has also had 5 minutes of fame with his Fabia Monte Carlo as he managed to get a mention on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 show.

The Bray family, like most people, have had different cars to suit different time periods in their lives. They have looked at and been to other brands and other retailers but the “value for money with a quality that is Volkswagen” and the “premium quality at an affordable price” which ŠKODA offers in their vehicles, keeps the Bray family coming back to ŠKODA.

However, it is not only the brand that keeps the Bray family in a ŠKODA, they have struck up a good friendship with Howard who is our Sales Manager (I even learnt a few things about Howard that I didn’t really want to know!). The Bray’s have come to know the friendly faces at Simpsons and say they almost feel like royalty when they come in as everyone knows their names and they feel they receive a personal service. Based on this, Paul & Julie often recommend Simpsons to friends and family, which means a few family members also now own ŠKODA’s! Julie works in a well known department store and says she often talks about ŠKODA cars to customers as she compares brands of washing machines and fridges to brands of cars!

If they could design their own ŠKODA, they would like to see a convertible option available with features such as comfy seats like the Fabia Monte Carlo, a good steering wheel like in the Citigo and for the vehicle to look good. Freddie, aged 6, would have a spoiler, a fold down table attached to the front seat with a slide to get out of the car like they have in aeroplanes! All good choices which we will of course put forward to ŠKODA!

We at Simpsons ŠKODA would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the Bray family for taking part in this article and for their continued business and support.  We hope to have you as customers and friends for many years to come.