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34th ŠKODA and counting

                                  Pictured above: Brian, Darren and Judith – their 34th ŠKODA and 5th Yeti.

Time to meet Brian & Judith Moore

The Moore’s have been buying ŠKODA’s since the 1980’s. They purchased their first ŠKODA from Simpsons in 2010 and have been buying from us ever since!

They have now owned 34 ŠKODA’s!! Which we think is incredible!

They have had; 9 Octavia’s, 3 S100’s, 5 Estelle’s, 2 Rapids, 2 Favorit’s, 3 Felicia’s, 3 Superb, 1 Roomster, 1 Fabia and 5 Yeti’s. Their first ŠKODA  is actually now owned by ŠKODA UK themselves!

They now have a Yeti. Their favourite thing about the Yeti’s is the driving height position – this is actually a very loved feature that comes with the Yeti’s.

Over the years they have built up a good friendship with Darren. “Darren is very helpful and polite”. They also know Howard and have brought off him when Darren has not been around! They love the service at Simpsons and have always received a good deal.

If they could create their own ŠKODA it would still have the height and the high specifications of the Yeti but they would add in more engine choices!

We want to thank the Moore’s for the business over the years and for taking part in producing this article.