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New SKODA Showroom in progress

We’re excited to tell you our Skoda Showroom is now in the process of being refurbished. Keep up to date with the progress by checking back here week by week.

The Old Showroom

news_fullwidth_oldshowroom_ news_fullwidth_oldshowroom1 news_fullwidth_oldshowroom2 news_fullwidth_oldshowroom3

Week 1

We re-located our Salesmen, Darren & Lee and our Service team, Andy & Jamie into our accessories shop for the duration of the building work. And let the work commence!

news_fullwidth_refurbshop_o news_fullwidth_refurb_windo news_fullwidth_refurb_floor news_fullwidth_floor_oct14

Week 2

This week has been very noisey as they cut the floor ready to make way for all the new electrics and also removing the front cladding.

news_fullwidth_cuttingthefl news_fullwidth_cutfloor_oct news_fullwidth_cuttingservi

Week 3


Week 3

news_fullwidth_showroomelec news_fullwidth_servframe_oc news_fullwidth_showroom

Week 4

Painting the window and door frames. Re-designing the front of the building

news_fullwidth_sr_frames news_fullwidth_sr_paintedfr news_fullwidth_outsidecorne news_fullwidth_outsideservi news_fullwidth_refurb_outsi

Week 5

New floor tiles were laid

news_fullwidth_floor news_fullwidth_srfloor

Week 6

Starting to look a bit more like a showroom again!

news_fullwidth_offrefurb news_fullwidth_showroomcorn news_fullwidth_custcorner

It is all coming together…

news_fullwidth_customerarea news_fullwidth_servicedept_ news_fullwidth_overheadshow news_fullwidth_showroomcars news_fullwidth_colourswall_

It’s all finished! Pop in and have a look, we would love to hear what you think. Head over to our facebook page for more pictures

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