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New ŠKODA Superb is Simply Clever


The new ŠKODA Superb features 9 brand new Simply Clever items:

Virtual Pedal – Just wave a foot under the rear bumper (and as long as you have the key with you), he tailgate open automatically

Tailgate tip-to-close – Pull the tailgate slightly to close it

Integrated tow bar – A manually foldable tow bar comes out comes as an option. When folded down, it is completely hidden under the car

ŠKODA media command – For the 1st time ever in a ŠKODA, the infotainment system can be controlled from the rear seats as well as the front seats

Accessory tablet holder – Rear seat passengers can mount a table on the headrest of the front passenger seat or the foldable arm rest in the rear seat

Emergency vest storage – Each of the 4 doors includes a compartment for storing an emergency vest

Easy-open bottle holder – The centre console grips the base of a 0.5 litre bottle as it is twisted, enabling the driver to open or close the bottle easily with just one hand

Two umbrellas – Each of the Superb’s front doors include storage compartments with an elegant umbrella

Tablet storage – The centre armrest includes a narrow tablet storage compartment