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Simpsons Charity Golf Day 2015


We are once again looking forward to hosting a Charity Golf Day at Caldecott Hall Golf Club on Sunday 16th August 2015. It will be a 12 noon shotgun start and participants will be playing for the Peter Aldis Memorial Shield. Prizes on the day total over £1,000 and include the chance to win a Motorhome for a weeks holiday! Places are limited, so if you would like to take part please contact Gary Aldis (

This year, we will be raising money for Prostate cancer and a local Mum Gemma Huggins. Gemma’s story began when she started to feel unwell on 25th March 2012. She was rushed from our local hospital, James Paget to Addenbrooks for a suspected aneurysm (bleed on the brain). Gemma had actually been affected by 2 strokes that evening which caused permanent damage to her brain. Gemma went backwards and forwards for scans and tests at Addenbrooks as well as another emergency trip to James Paget. Since then, her health has been far from stable. The aneurysms had left permanent damage to the brain causing paralysis to the right side of Gemma’s face and the eye had third nerve palsy along with one side of the body being weaker than the other. Gemma also suffers with difficulty sleeping, acute tiredness and a loss of balance and sight. Gemma is also being tested for nocturnal epilepsy and recently suffered a further mild stroke. Every appointment Gemma has had for the last almost 3 years, has been negative. By chance, Gemma’s Dad found out about an eye specialist called John Pacey-Lowrie who has given some hope. Gemma travelled to Nottingham and was told those magic words…I can help you. The treatment could cost up to £100,000.00 over Gemma’s lifetime but se will be given a chance to look and feel more comfortable and also block out the diplopia (double vision). Gemma is  working Mum and deserves some help with her medical fees to make such a difference in her life.

If you are unable to attend the Golf Day but would still like to make a donation for Gemma, you can do so here