Wednesday 25 May 2016 subscribe to rss

ŠKODA announces name of new A+ SUV:Kodiaq


The new A+ SUV ŠKODA Kodiaq is due to be unveiled in the latter part of 2016 with the UK launch planned for early in 2017.

The name derives from the Kodiak bears, which live on the island of the same name off the southern coast of Alaska.

The Alutiiq, the native islanders, call the bear Taq uka ‘aq. The letter ‘q’ at the end of the word is a characteristic of Alutiiq animal names, and the use of the letter ‘q’ creates a distinctive name for a distinctive new ŠKODA.

At 4.7 metres long, ŠKODA’s new SUV can comfortably seat seven people and offers remarkable performance both on and off the beaten track.  The hidden power of the Kodiaq can also be seen in its design – distinctive, muscular lines representing a dynamic, robust and strong appearance.