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ŠKODA Superb Sportline “Best of the year!”

As 2017 is coming to a finish, ŠKODA are driving into 2018 on a high. In a recent article in Daily Mail, Chris Evans listed his top 10 cars of 2017.

Amongst the top 10 there were, Honda Civic Type R, Mercedes AMG E63, Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, Tesla, VW Golf GTI/GTE, Ford Raptor, Mercedes AMG GT-R, Aston Marin DB11, Ford GTI and ŠKODA Superb Sportline, but his all time top 3 vehicles are as follows:

Placed in 3rd was Mercedes AMG GT-R which looks appealed to Chris as it “shouldn’t be anywhere near as gorgeous as it is”.

2nd Place was Ford GT which he said is the ‘best for wow factor’.

Then in 1st place is of course, ŠKODA Superb Sportline. Voted ‘best of the year!’. The Superb Sportline is his ‘baby’ and ‘pride of joy’. After being so blown away by the car, Chris immediately phone ŠKODA and purchased one. When it looks stylish, has extreme comfort and can be driven in four different modes, who would’t want to buy one?!

ŠKODAS are everywhere, according to Chris. “I was in Ireland recently – loads of ŠKODAS; Iceland – loads of ŠKODAS; Austria – loads of ŠKODAS”. It’s not just Superbs he sees, it’s also Yetis, Octavias and even Kodiaqs.

He finishes by saying ‘Lots of people can’t believe that my daily drive is a ŠKODA. I can’t believe everyone doesn’t drive one.” and we can’t believe it either!

If you want to read the full article, click here!

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Below: Images of our Superb Sportline Demonstrator.