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ŠKODA UK urging motorists to warm up to cold weather tyres


ŠKODA UK are urging motorists to get set for safe winter motoring with cold weather tyres and a winter health check for their cars.

New research by the Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders (SMMT) reveals that up to 28 million cars across the country could be kitted out with tyres that aren’t ideal for winter conditions. With temperatures forecast to frequently drop below 7°C in the coming weeks and months, the new data shows that only 14% of British motorists own a set of cold weather tyres.

When vehicles are fitted with appropriate tyres for winter weather, they benefit from improved grip which can stop drivers getting stuck in the dreaded white stuff or losing control in cold conditions. Braking distances are also greatly reduced.

Despite this, almost half (49%) of ŠKODA’s respondents claimed their chief concern when choosing tyres was getting the lowest price, instead of having the most suitable set.

Tyre Safety Charity, TyreSafe recommend that tyres should be checked at least once a month, nearly a fifth (17%) of motorists admitted not doing so for at least 6 months. This means that around 22 million tyres across the country could have treda depth levels which fall below recommended levels.

Warren Richards, Head of Service & Parts Operations for ŠKODA UK, commented: “Driving in winter can be dangerous at times – that’s no secret. But what’s less known is that temperatures drop below 7°C, cold weather tyres are better equipped to handle the road. Cold weather tyres aren’t affected like normal rubber as temperatures drop, maintaining optimum grip and braking performance: these are qualities that can save lives.”

Winter Health Checks are available at Simpsons ŠKODA Great Yarmouth for just £25 which includes checking the tyres and a FREE ŠKODA thermo mug. Winter tyres are available starting from £78 (inc parts, labour & VAT). Please call Jamie or Tom on 01493 809814, who will be more than happy to give you a personalised quote.