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The Nudd Family…


Meet the Nudd’s – Frank and Beryl.

The Nudd’s have been buying cars from Howard (at Simpsons) Since 1998! (back when we were Volkswagen) Beryl brought her first ŠKODA in 2005 – it was a silver Fabia vRS – registration number AU05FVP. Beryl was actually the first person in the UK to purchase the Fabia and appeared in the newspapers alongside Howard (pictured above) she claims that it was her claim to fame!

Her husband, Frank owns a Octavia (which he only allows certain people in so it keeps clean!) and Beryl has a Yeti. Between them both they have had; 2 Fabia’s, 2 Octavia’s, 2 Superb’s, another Octavia and 1 other Yeti. That is 10 ŠKODA’s in total including the two they have now!

It’s not just buying cars that have helped them keep a good relationship with Howard. Howard (and Simpsons) have always given them a good service and always treated them no different to anyone else.

We love Howard, Simpsons are like a family to us”. Throughout their life they have both had many ups and downs and Howard has always been there to help them in ways more than just on a customer basis, which they are very grateful for.

“I don’t think there’s a garage anywhere in the country where you’d get better service” – Frank Nudd

I asked them what their favourite ŠKODA was and they couldn’t decide! “we like them all!”
Beryl liked her vRS Fabia and likes the Yeti she has now and Frank likes his Octavia because of the drive.

They both think ŠKODA’s are brilliant car and have always done them good, however they would change the amount of technology that is happening nowadays. Even though they think that ŠKODA is becoming better as it goes along they think they are becoming a little “too complex for the older generation”. However that hasn’t put them off or driven them to a different brand!

We would like to thank Frank and Beryl for the many years of business and for taking part in this article. We wish them the best with their future as customers and as an addition to the family here at Simpsons.

Pictured below- Beryl & Howard with her new Yeti (doing the same pose as in the top image!)